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Aug 14, 2009 12:00pm EDT
hall meeting today in belgrade, montana, according to the associated press, as many as 500 protesters are expected to rally outside the event which is taking place in an airport hangar. live coverage starts at 3:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. conservative lawyers and activists are meeting in pittsburgh tonight for the second annual rite on-line conference. keynote speaker is former congressman pat toomey who is running for the senate in pennsylvania. coverage on c-span starts at 7:40 eastern. tonight on book tv a conversation with author christopher buckley, the son of william f. buckley jr. and his latest book is a memoir called losing mom and pop. book tv's index starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >> the newest supreme court justice, sonia sotomayor, attended a white house reception with president obama. we will show it as part of c-span's america and the courts saturday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> this fall, and to the home to america's highest court, from the grand public places to those only accessible to the 9 justices, the supreme court, coming the first sunday in october on c-s
Aug 10, 2009 8:30am EDT
, montana, north dakota, and wyoming. do the authors of cap and trade want to tap into that? no. we have coal reserves in the west, midwest and the south that have been referred to as the saudi arabia of coal. these are in the states like kentucky, ohio, west virginia, montana, and my home state of wyoming. do the authors of cap and trade want to truly tap into that? no. america has that and more. we also have the wind, the solar, the geothermal, the biomass, the hydropower, we have it all, and we can develop it in a responsible way. what puts us in a better position to win the energy race with india and china? well, the answer is american energy. the authors of cap and trade don't want to develop all american energy resources. they want to start the energy race with china and india two laps behind as opposed to three laps ahead. the more emergency america can -- energy america can produce, the stronger the economy will be. energy development creatings jobs. not just green jobs but red, white, and blue jobs. we need them all, and the solution rests on our shores. thank you, madam chairma
Aug 13, 2009 9:00am EDT
, texas, oklahoma, montana and west virginia. all of whom have natural resources and energy income. and i think by the way, texas is the most understudied success story in the country. if you really want to look at stunning economic capability, texas is remarkable. as i said earlier, we had sustained very low growth, and we did it selectively, because we actually doubled the budget of the national institute of health, while controlling spending. now, policies do matter, and texas is a good place to study that. texas was responsible for 70% of net new jobs in 2008. in the entire country, 70% of the net new jobs were in the state of texas. their unemployment rate is about 2 percentage points below the national average. one reason is, their legislature only meets every other year. this is very important. of the rise of professional legislators has led to the rise of powerful interest groups who basically sustain those legislators and the result is you get much too much government, much too much bus -- bureaucracy, and much too much special interest. when you elect people from the general pop
Aug 5, 2009 5:00pm EDT
. president, wh that, i would yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from montana. mr. baucus: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that the following individuals on my staff be granted floor privileges during consideration of the confirmation of judge sotomayor: indicate lynn cohen, emily yeska, andrew dusek, dan huffman, rayful graybel, phillip feldman, josh gardner and marie wildman. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. baucus: mr. president, i ask consent that lori safdi, aaron gyle and kathleen roberts, law clerks on senator leahy's judiciary committee, be granted floor privileges for the remainder of the debate on the nomination of sonia sotomayor. the presiding officer: without objection. for the red sox. rick, what have you seen from penny when you've watched him this season? >> well, he's a different guy. he's not the 97mph guy anymore. talking with john ferrell the pitching coach of the red sox, i said, what's the key for him tonight? what do you look for? he said, south, he's got to be down in the zone. we're going to use our k zone and highlight the 92, 93mp
Aug 31, 2009 5:00pm EDT
all this should work as all h/"/ urban areas, that have monster profiles, and billings montana, 11.1% of the workforce in billings montana had job ofile. contrast that with boston, where 29.7%. so not only is it a much larger area, so from a number standpoint, but the percentage is nearly -- it is over three times. nearly four times that of a rural area. you have to dig in and ask herself why. do just make week job-search stempler, there are also jobs in those rural areas and. you know, i did this exercise yesterday where we put a map on the wall. a few days ago. would put a map on the wall and we did a darville because we wanted to try to test ourselves, not stack the deck, where do we go. we came up with pikesville, kentucky. so you are probably familiar. it's a little bit to the east but it is definitely a rural area and did you go to the next shide here you will see that in this rural area of the pikesville, kentucky, you know, when you do a job search on monster you are going find four or 500 jobs in that commutable distance of pico, many of them in pikesville. but
Aug 3, 2009 5:00pm EDT
eligible communities in more than eight states. this is in colorado, in minnesota, montana, north dakota,ry rirks sout, rhode islh dakota, wisconsin, wyoming, and out in portry cork the virgin islands -- port -- puerto rico, the virgin islands and america samoa. in addition, these are community-driven projects. they reflect the local priorities for addressing energy challenges. some of the projects that are currently underway within this high-energy cost grants are replacing failing transmission and distribution lines that serve communities in my state and in arizona, idaho, maine and nevada. as we think about how we're going to move our energy, particularly our renewable energy sources, we've got to do more within our transmission systems. these -- this program allows for us to replace our -- our old or our failing transmission and distribution lines. some of the other projects, extend electric distribution lines to connect homes in rural communities in states like alaska, arizona, california, washington, and including some homes on indian reservations. the other projects replace old, i
Aug 12, 2009 12:00pm EDT
legislation that may shape the final deal with public insurance option. montana, wyoming, north dakota, maine, washington, and iowa. these people hold and represent 3%. >> well, it's interesting. there is a lot of focus in the senate on the senate finance committee that is writing one of the two health care bills. there is the committee working on its measure. when if comes to florida they will combine those. right now the attention has been on these six senators. >> they are. we should declare montana, iowa, wyoming, maine, north dakota, and new mexico. >> right. and it's three democrats an three republicans. >> there's a lot of questions about where should these six people -- why are these six in a room deciding what health care is going to look like? their argument is they are trying to come up with a bipartisan measure. even some democrats have concerned about this. they say well i'm on the committee. why shouldn't i be in that room? why are we leaving it down to these six people. i think when they come back that'll be probably the first area people focus on is can these six come up with
Aug 26, 2009 5:00pm EDT
it was an indian reservation in montana, west virginia, rural vermont, trying to get a sense for it and their -- there are some real distinct distances. we talked about using technolog and high level classis, la of quality teachers which is rural and urban, teacher housing is a big piece. and so we need to touch everybody and these challenges areot unique to suburban or urban or rural areas. it is interesting w look at the 2000 high schools would call dropout factories. 50% or urban, % suburban, 20% for all. this is a national problem. and so our resources have to be distributed across the board and we want to find the best in every single area at t end of the day the lessons we can lea from those different communities i think we will get into many similarities that will foster this improvement we need across the board and not just in that particular set. i will take two more. one, too. then i will tn it over. >> thank you, mr. secreta. i am the chief technology officer from schools of electrologists in louianan. i would like to ask you from your vantage point what do you thi
Aug 14, 2009 9:00am EDT
to what people say in montana. he does. there's been single payors in his state. and this republican force is going to die. when grassley said the other day he pretty much admitted this was a farce, chairman baucus knows he has to get a bill out of this committee and if he only has democrats to work with, guess what the majority democrats on his committee favor a political option. if he's going to get a bill out of this committee with zero republican boats it's going to have to have a public option in the senate finance bill; otherwise, there isn't going to be a bill, right? and he knows there has to be a bill. so it matters what you say. it's one of the reasons i've been very careful not to criticize individual senators. i don't mind talking about their views because at the end, i think we're going to get almost every democratic senator. almost every one because there's not going to be any republicans. they're not going to be interested in forming the bill and, therefore, the democratic caucus is going to have a huge influence in this and the majority of the people in the democratic caucu
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)